09/11/2015 20:36

The limited edition of H&M/Balmain are the must see for this season. These elegant garments are needed in every fashionable closet out there! If your lucky enough to grab a chic peice, flaunt it honey!




Ok, one more...

Eligance is within the atmosphere...


11/02/2015 19:21

So ladies and gents, how are those New Years resolutions going? Forever pumping those weights in the gym? Done with those smooth, delicious chocolates? Great!.. Well, if not, you and I can start again next year.

However, for those of you with an insight around a career resolution. Perhaps Networking sites such as Linkedin could help you more than you thought. Forbes said it...

"Linkedin is widely known as a great resource for recruiting employees or networking with colleagues. But if you’re not also using it to connect with customers and prospects, you’re missing out."


 Grab a cuppa, get updating loves!
30/12/2014 12:47

For those of you whom are still in need of an outfit, wardrobe change, complete makeover, It may be of good use to look at the stylish season for her tab and get some ideas. Especially with the New Year creeping around the corner. If your'e feeling generous, stylish season for him tab may come in handy. 


Pastel Blues from New Look


TOPMAN denim  - Check out the price on the SSFH Page


29/12/2014 12:34

Picking a New Years outfit can be tedious.  1. Should it be a dress, playsuit or shorts this year? 2. Bright colours or black again? 3. Perhaps pastel colour heels? Too many questions and it can seem like not enough time. So why not try the polyvore app?

I've put these together with ability to see where I can buy it and how much for. Brilliant!

26/12/2014 00:02


Sales across all the high street stores. River Island, New Look, Topshop, Zara and H&M. The lines to get inside and purchase were extraodinary, half hour wait for each store! 

 By 10PM.. Continuation of DRAMA DRAMA.. Mediocre version 

01/12/2014 13:01

So, I came across some amazing news. Those of you whom have interest in vintage garments, it must be your birthday darling! Availability to a vintage store packed with hand-picked vintage clothing "Famous with fill-a-bag and pound sale". Yes, that's correct, POUND SALE - VINTAGE CLOTHING. I kid you not. This is only taking place on 2 selected days. December 6th and 7th. For those of you on intagram...

See you there!! xoxo

09/09/2014 01:14

Perhaps 'Been a while' is the wrong term. It has 'been WAY too LONG' - Appropriate. Basically, Mademoiselle Milly decided to take a rather long trip to U.S.A. There was a ravishing work experience waiting to be grabbed with the palm of my hand, let’s just say I did not hesitate. I was granted the opportunity to work in North Carolina within the retail sector. The pictures will explain the rest...

Living near the beach in Corolla NC was bloody brilliant


A couple of the colleges in our local bar having a drink or 5.


A group picture after a long day of work.

The wonderful place I called home.

19/03/2013 13:15

One of many places in Greenwich that serve some goooood ice cream, has to be Black Vanilla. With such a varied choice of ice cream flavours, you would be crazy to enter then leave empty handed. They have flavours from your average chocolate chip, rasberry bubble to their outrageously yummy cream guato cheescake and bluberry bubblegum chomp (Sounds whacky aye?, it's a must try!)

Complimentary mini cakes when leaving

10/03/2013 10:04

Happy Mothering day to all the wonderful careing women out there. I've learned something today, something that is so humble and true. Today was once known as mother's day for most of us. Now it is called 'Mothering sunday'. This is because you do not have to be a mother in order to celebrate such a day. All you need to be is a loving woman who is able to look after someone in a possitive way. 

I would like to take this time to say Thank you MUM I love you!

Chanel perfume? Yes mum.. You deserve it!

09/03/2013 00:02

So it is a Saturday evening and there is nothing to do. The mother suggests we play a game of scrabble. We all gathered around the table to find, there would be a gift for the winner. Knowing this gift would be a crisp brand new 50 note, I needed to win....

..... But I didn't

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