Cutty Sark.. Martime Greenwich

22/01/2013 23:49

Right. It's the 22nd January 2013 and I feel so overwhelmed with all the reading I have to do. Got a major exam coming up on the 24th January. Do I feel prepaired? Hell NAW. But i'm going to have to suck it up and do a lot of revision. It is easier said than done, with so many people around me full of distraction. Got the mother ringing me up for a chit chat, the 'fairy' godsister asking me to watch eastenders with her and finally the boyfriend stating we must go out for a meal today. So we did. Yet, guess what?! I got nout revision done, knackered and it is now 11:50. Na Night!

Half a chicken with perri perri chips from Nandos.. Don't mind if I do.


Cutty Sark.. Such a beautiful scenery at night